University of California, Davis – Tercero Housing Infill

Davis, CA
$20.3 Million
Design Assist
Higher Education

The Tercero Housing In ll project, located on the University of California Davis campus, was master planned as a 1,200 bed freshman residential community and dining facility. Fisher-Friedman Associates designed the master plan and architectural services for Phase 1 construction. The Master Plan consists of six buildings totaling approximately 400,000 square foot. Two of the six buildings were in Phase 1. Each building is four stories in height.

Study areas are scattered throughout the building to encourage the development of a sense of community among the student residents. Halls are wider than typical hotel corridors to encourage interaction and promote informal gatherings. The courtyard between the two buildings has a grassy area surrounded by concrete slabs for sitting to encourage socializing. The single entrance is into a spacious tiled lobby made from recycled glass that has balconies above in the elevator bay of each floor.

The buildings are oriented to respond appropriately to solar conditions to provide maximum comfort and to minimize unwanted solar gain and mechanical loads. Top floor windows of the south facing study areas have butter y eyebrows to protect interiors from the hot summer sun; steel sunshades protect south facing lower windows. Windows are double-glazed low-E glass and open to provide fresh air and reduce the HVAC loads on the building. To maximize the amount of natural light into the core of the building, there are windows at the end of the corridors. The bathrooms are situated on the outside of the building to allow light into the area. n