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Co-Founders Dave Clark and Bernard “B.J.” Sullivan originally established Clark/Sullivan Construction in 1981, after the duo purchased CHS Construction, of which both Sullivan and Clark had been previously employed. After acquiring the company, and quickly renaming it, the two did the unthinkable at the time – They painted all of their company work trucks a raspberry color, which after a year of sitting in the hot Nevada sun, turned a light shade of pink, much to the chagrin of the Superintendents. That did not go unnoticed in the industry or the community.

They still ask about our pink trucks from the early years. Back in the late ‘70s, when Clark/Sullivan (C/S) was a scrappy little contractor trying to break into the Nevada construction industry, our original founders painted their only company truck a bright “raspberry” color, which quickly faded. They didn’t mind. People kept saying, “You guys must be really busy, because I see your pink trucks everywhere.”

With both original founders now retired, our current ownership maintains the company legacy with a newer, yet equally noticeable, lime green color… And more trucks!

C/S now operates offices in both Nevada (Sparks) and California (Roseville). Our portfolio includes public facilities, education, hospitality, medical, industrial, commercial buildings, and more. We enjoy projects that build better communities.

As “The partner to build with,” we tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs. In a nutshell, we excel at providing collaborative delivery methods, including Design Build, Design Assist, Lease-Lease Back and Construction Management At Risk (CMAR). We are highly-competitive, consistently earning work in the hard bid market, while also priding ourselves on our collaborative nature and excelling in collaborative delivery methods. Our teams have the flexibility to give owners the most for their money in the delivery method that suits them best.


Delivery Methods

The greatest opportunities for innovation, quality, responsive scope and competitive pricing result when owners, users, designers, contractors and subcontractors all collaborate on one team. Collaboration can be found in all of our delivery methods.


By providing a single point of responsibility, C/S collaborates with all on the team to deliver quality, innovation, timely construction and the best possible value.


As a team contributor during pre-construction, C/S optimizes constructability, provides pricing alternatives, scheduling insights, logistics and more to enhance value.

Construction Management At Risk (CMAR)

We successfully manage the design, budget and schedule from preconstruction through final completion, turning conceptual plans into a complete and fully operational building that exceeds expectations while working within a guaranteed maximum price.


This creative contractual agreement is similar to CMAR. C/S provides both pre-construction and construction services with flexibility, financing options, and a single point of responsibility. We can provide exceptional value and timeliness working within strict design requirements and regulations.


While we don’t get to weigh in on this traditional delivery method, we still work collaboratively to ensure the team stays true to the project vision by facilitating partnering meetings. We also look for ways to add value to the project by working closely with subcontractors in quality control. The common thread running through the first four delivery methods is pre-construction services.

What Makes Us Different

We collaborate to construct buildings and facilities that stand as a source of pride to our clients and our community. We will become the industry’s foremost competitor in general construction by encouraging innovation and collaboration in our business model, celebrating the individuals that make our culture, and bettering the world around us.


It takes great individuals to make great teams. We excel through developing our skills and having fun.


We do our best work in teams. We compliment the strengths of designers and owners with construction prowess.


We are open, understanding, and transparent. Our success lies in our ability to listen and respond.


We offer solutions. We proactively create ways to reduce risk and increase value.


We work hard for our families and our friends. We believe building a better world starts at home.


It’s great to have competition, it pushes you to do your best. Bring it on!


We work consistently, honestly, and safely. At the end of the day, we answer to ourselves.