Renown Tahoe Tower Trauma Surgical ICU Level 9

Reno, NV
$21 Million

The construction of the New Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on the 9th Floor of the Tahoe Tower at Renown Regional Medical Center, expertly executed by our team at Clark/Sullivan Construction, is a showcase of our commitment to excellence in healthcare facility construction. This project highlights our ability to deliver sophisticated, state-of-the-art environments tailored to the critical needs of trauma care. Key features of this project include:

Increased Capacity for Critical Care: Our team adeptly expanded the ICU’s capacity from 27 to 34 private patient rooms, demonstrating our proficiency in managing complex expansions within sensitive medical settings.

Enhanced Nurse Station Design: We implemented an innovative design for nurse stations, enhancing proximity to patients and streamlining care delivery, showcasing our focus on functional and efficient design.

Spacious and Efficient Layout: Our strategic layout planning allowed for increased space, improving both patient care and staff efficiency, while accommodating the latest in medical technology.

Healing Environment with Scenic Views: We incorporated large picture windows in the unit, offering views of the city and mountains, contributing to the health and well-being of patients.

New Family Areas: These areas, designed by our team, provide privacy and comfort for families, facilitating emotional support and better communication with care teams.

Private Bathrooms with Safety Features: Each room includes a convenient, private bathroom equipped with safety features to ensure patient comfort and security.

Art and Design for Wellness: The “Spirit of the Land” art and design concept, integrated by our team, features bright, joyful colors and healing art from artists across Nevada and California, creating a soothing environment.

Improved Lighting and Acoustics: The unit features diffused lighting and improved acoustics to enhance the patient and staff experience.

Enhanced Staff Facilities: The design includes spaces to increase the health and wellness of clinicians, such as a respite lounge, conference spaces, and sit-stand desks.

Renown Health
January 2023
Reno, NV
Project Value
$21 Million
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