University of Nevada, Reno – Palmer Engineering Renovation

Reno, NV
$9.4 Million
Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
Higher Education

On the Palmer Engineering Building, the Clark/Sullivan and H+K team collaborated to identify optimum solutions within its Guaranteed Maximum Price budget.n

Early in the project, stakeholders increased the scope to include a structural retro t of the 1940 masonry structure. To reduce the risk of unknowns and accurately price various structural applications, C/S led a team that:

  • Cored into blocks, bricks and walls for structural data
  • Assessed strength and labor results of various dowel applications

The team harnessed readily available technical data from mechanical and electrical subcontractors to find cost-saving systems solutions, which led to various cost alternatives.nnnOur estimating team proposed 54 material and design cost alternates, which the team re ned to 23 that were acceptable to stakeholders and designers. We captured options into 13 alternates in the bidding documents, so the stakeholder team could select among options that best met their priorities given the nal costs featured in the competitive bids. UNR was able to reduce their GMP budget from $10.5 M to $9.4 M.

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