Tri-County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility

$18.4 Million
Justice/ Correctional

Clark/Sullivan Construction and Broward Builders teamed-up as a joint venture to deliver a modern rehabilitation facility for Yuba, Sutter and Colusa Counties.

In partnership with Arrington Watkins Architects, the C/S Broward JV team delivered this 32-bed facility, built on land near the existing juvenile hall. The project is a highly functional, energy efficient, and resource-conscious juvenile rehabilitation hall, with heavy emphasis on education and mental health programs and services. As such, the new 16,337 square-foot juvenile hall was designed and constructed to be a safer, more secure, treatment-focused and homelike environment for juveniles, staff, visitors, and volunteers. Housing 32 youths in single and double rooms divided between two separate housing units, this single-story facility also includes medical exam rooms, food warming service, program space, visitation, administrative support, storage, laundry service, a secure parking area, recreation yards and public parking.

Beginning early in the design process, C/S Broward and Arrington Watkins worked closely together with the design team and major subcontractors. The entire team met regularly throughout the design phase to discuss the process and ensure continuity and coordination of the design documents, also ensuring that the owner and reviewing agencies were included in monthly discussions about the project. We submitted the 50% plans to the plan reviewers to get them familiar with the project early in the process, which allowed us to make minor corrections and reduce the amount of review time when the permit documents were ready. During the construction phase we continued to meet with all of the reviewing agencies to update them on the process and ensure all utility approvals were achieved to meet the critical path schedule.

Now successfully delivered, the improved atmosphere at the new facility provides hope to youth that pass through the facility making them better prepared to break the cycle of criminal behavior, generational cycle of poverty and poor choices. This will provide the community better public safety by lowering crime and having fewer adult offenders.