Sylvan Middle School Conversion

Citrus Heights, CA
$19.5 Million
K-12 Education

Sylvan Middle School is more than 60 years old…and it shows. After careful condition assessment and analysis, it was determined that the school was past its useful life and needed to be replaced. But how to replace it? The school shares a large site with the adjacent Citrus Heights Elementary School on a prominent corner in the city of Citrus Heights. The elementary school, and another nearby, were well under their desired and efficient capacity, but were facilities with very “good bones.” The decision was made to combine those two elementary schools at the off site location, freeing up the onsite elementary school to become the reimagined Sylvan Middle School.

Construction crews were tasked with a 12-month timeline to accomplish the conversion before the 2016/2017 school year started. With 7 buildings under construction, record rainfall and over 100 works onsite at all times, the team managed to stay on-track and on-budget throughout the process.

“Removing constraints is what we do every day. Everyone knows that I don’t want to hear what they can’t do, but rather they need to present options to me on how to keep moving the project forward at a rapid pace. Students will be here rain or shine in August; we have to finish on time, which means we have to push forward every day and not allow anything to slow us down.” – Larry Cabodi, Superintendent n