Renown South Meadows Inpatient Nursing Level 1 Renovation

Reno, NV
7.6 Million
Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

The Inpatient 1 Renovation at the Renown South Meadows campus consisted of the first phase of cosmetic renovations to the campus’ inpatient service areas. 24 patient rooms as well as the surrounding corridors, common spaces, nursing stations and staff support/utility rooms were all upgraded and improved to meet the health standards and functionality goals the campus was needing in its inpatient facilities. Patient rooms were converted to become private rooms, but the design also affords Renown to have the ability to convert the rooms to double occupancy in the event of an inpatient surge (like another pandemic). The project also included the addition of one patient-of-size room and one isolation room, per new licensure requirements from NV State Health. A project of this complexity came with a series of challenges:

Building on an Active Hospital Campus:
Working in an occupied and fully-active hospital campus came with many challenges. The team maintained all infection control preventative measures to ensure the work being done did not adversely affect the surrounding medical spaces.

Logistical Challenges:
Additionally, there were many logistical challenges that came with building on the campus. The project required moisture remediation of the existing building slab. The team was also responsible for the replacement and lining of an existing LIVE sewer line. This was the first time C/S and our Mechanical Partners at Savage & Son had done something like this, and was successfully navigated as a team.

The team overcame all challenges and delivered the project both on-time and on-budget. Following the successful completion of the first phase, the team will begin an additional renovation of the campus’ second inpatient suite, which is slated to be complete in 2024.