Renown COVID-19 Temporary Patient Care Structure

Reno, NV
$4 Million
Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

In response to the growing demand for patient space at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Renown Regional Medical Center enlisted the services of Clark/Sullivan Construction in April 2020 to transform the campus’s existing Mill Street parking structure into a temporary patient care facility.

The purpose of the space created within the Mill Street parking structure was to provide bed space and treatment areas for additional hospitalized patients diagnosed with COVID-19 but not needing intensive care. This space, known to Renown as the Alternate Care Site (ACS), allows caregivers and patients to remain on campus, and still have accessibility to existing hospital infrastructure such as lab, pharmacy, imaging, food services and other critical services. The Renown ACS was fully-renovated to contain flooring, electrical infrastructure, lighting, water, technology, and is equipped with beds and basic patient care support equipment.

The Clark/Sullivan Construction team, along with many of the region’s BEST trade partners, transformed the facility within a 10-day period.