Plumas County Jail

Quincy, CA
$22.3 Million
Justice/ Correctional

The design-build team, Clark/Sullivan Construction and Broward Builders (C/S Broward) and Arrington Watkins Architects, is responsible for the design and construction of a new stand-alone jail facility on county-owned land in Quincy, CA. This comprehensive facility will include several key areas:

Housing: 60 dorm-style single/double beds, dayroom, outdoor recreation space, and multipurpose rooms for programming and treatment.

Public Lobby/Administration Area: Public lobby, jail administration space, and in-person visitation facilities.

Intake/Release/Transfer Area: Multiple cells, vehicle sallyport, booking counter, and an interview room.

Medical Clinic: Treatment rooms, an exam room, storage, and office space.

Support Areas: Kitchen, food storage, laundry, and staff support area.

Day Reporting Center: Classrooms, offices, and video visitation.

Design and Collaboration Process

During the schematic design phase, a preliminary review with the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) was scheduled to address any fire life safety issues. Throughout the design phase, the design-build team held internal weekly meetings with all consultants to ensure collaborative design efforts. Additionally, weekly meetings with the owner and end users were conducted to review progress and gather feedback. Each design milestone was marked by a “page turn” review via Bluebeam Studio, a collaborative software that facilitates team comments on project documents. Design changes identified during these reviews were promptly implemented by the team.

Construction and Project Management

Once construction commenced, weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meetings were held to discuss ongoing design and construction issues. The project team identified the budget as the primary constraint early on, necessitating close collaboration with the owner and end users to explore cost alternatives. LEAN methodologies, including pull planning scheduling, quality control protocols, and prefabrication of plumbing and mechanical systems, were employed to streamline the project. Mitigation strategies, such as out-of-sequence work, were also utilized to maintain schedule adherence despite weather conditions.

The Plumas County Jail project exemplifies a well-coordinated effort between C/S Broward, Arrington Watkins Architects, and Plumas County, resulting in a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the community’s needs while adhering to budgetary constraints and schedule requirements.

Plumas County
Arrington Watkins
April 2024
Quincy, CA
Project Value
$22.3 Million
Delivery Method
Justice/ Correctional