Old River Elementary School Multipurpose Room

Brentwood, CA
$3.5 Million
K-12 Education

Clark/Sullivan Construction delivered an upgraded multipurpose room to Knightsen School District at their Old River Elementary School Campus in Brentwood, CA. The 11,500 sf facility includes a stage, basketball court and cafeteria kitchen.

The elementary school campus had originally opened in 2008, but due to the economic downfall it was forced to shut its doors in 2010. After being non-operational for 6 years, the Knightsen School District welcomed students back to the campus in July 2016.

“What was really great about this project is that we had previously built an almost identical multipurpose building for another school a few districts away. We had worked with the same architect on the previous building as this one, so we were able to complete the project fairly seamlessly and were able to add slight modi cations to the interior that turned out beautifully.” – Michael Flores, Project Manager Clark/Sullivan Construction n n