Miwok Village Elementary School

Elk Grove, CA
$49.4 Million
K-12 Education

This is the first new elementary school campus for Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) using their new Educational Specification with a focus on making thoughtful connections between learning and the campus environment.

Each of the classroom “wings” are made up of nine classrooms with equal access to a centrally shared collaboration space used for small group sessions. These activity spaces are flexible learning environments that will also have a focus on educating today’s students on the historic past of the area that was inhabited by the Miwok Tribe.

The 10 acre, 70,000 sf, seven-structure campus will be home to 800 students that reside in the Laguna Ridge neighborhoods of south Elk Grove.

One of the main schedule challenges faced in the beginning of the project was the Swainson’s Hawk nesting season. For preservation reasons, the bird’s nesting season could not be disturbed by construction work. To maintain the schedule, our team worked with select trade partners who could work overtime to maintain the project on track.

Unexpected lead time increases, material shortages and price escalation were also a concern. Our team pre-ordered select materials such as wood, steel, windows and lighting package to be stored on site ahead of construction while maintaining regular Pull Planning meetings during construction.

C/S is proud to have been a part of the project that brings this new approach to learning environments to the EGUSD community!