Junior Project Engineer Ana Flores tells us how she developed her love of construction through watching her father Project Manager Michael Flores.
By Clare Christensen on Oct 2, 2017
Updated Oct 15, 2021

For most parents, one hopes to set a good example for their child as they grow up. Well, in the case of C/S Project Manager Michael Flores, his daughter Ana took good notes.

Now a C/S Junior Project Engineer, Ana Flores is taking what she learned watching her father to help grow towards a career in the field.

How did you discover your love of construction?

My dad has been a construction project manager for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I remember visiting him at his office and loving how professional and fancy everything seemed. He worked in an office in downtown Sacramento and I remember after walking through his office and seeing all the suits, computers, and fancy conference rooms, I knew I wanted to work in business when I was older.

It wasn’t till I was around 12 when I got to first experience a construction site. It was “bring your daughter to work day,” so my dad threw a hard hat and vest on my 4-foot self and took me around his jobsite. Seeing all of the moving parts of that project amazed me so much that I just wanted to learn more and be a part of that process.

What has it been like working with your dad as a Junior Project Engineer?

Working with my dad now as one of his Junior PE’s has been an absolutely incredible experience! Seeing how hard my dad works first-hand and how successful he is really has taught me so much about construction management and how to succeed in this industry. I am very blessed to be able to come home and ask as many questions as I want at the dinner table and continuously learn by watching my dad.

How do you see yourself growing in the field?

My hope is to one day be a project manager just like my dad, but even better! My dream job to manage one day would be the construction of a new hospital. I absolutely love working so close to my dad every day and I hope to continue that for a long time. He has taught me so much and continues to teach me something new every day as well as inspire me to be the best. I’m on my way and soon I’ll be teaching my dad a few new tricks!

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Ana Flores with father, Michael Flores.

Michael & Ana Now

Ana Flores is learning the tricks of the trade from her father, Michael.