Anna Kennedy has joined Clark/Sullivan Construction as a Project Manager in its office in Roseville, CA.
By Clare Christensen on Jan 17, 2016
Updated Oct 15, 2021

Anna Kennedy has joined Clark/Sullivan Construction as a Project Manager in its office in Roseville, CA. Kennedy is responsible for managing construction projects from pre-construction through construction and acts as the main point of contact for owners and stakeholders throughout the duration of a project.

“We are very excited to bring Anna on board,” said Vice President and Area Manager Ted Foor. “We collaborated with her previously, and it was evident that her industry passion and skill set would make for a great addition to our team.”

Kennedy graduated from Case Western Reserve University, with a degree in Civil Engineering with Structural and Construction Management concentrations. She has spent the last several years leading successful multi-million dollar projects across northern California.

Kennedy is currently leading several Clark/Sullivan modernization and new construction projects for Lincoln Unified School District in Stockton, CA

As the newest member of our team, we sat down with Anna to learn more about her.

What first peaked your interest in the construction industry?

When choosing what route to go post college, it was a slam dunk to choose the project management route in construction over the design or research industries. The different mediums that construction gives to problem solve, plan and manage is like no other. The engineering and business worlds are brought together in such an exciting way in construction.

What excites you about the industry?

Every day brings the opportunity for growth and learning something new. No day or situation is ever the same, even if you are building the exact same building twice! Learning opportunities are never ending.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be more of a well-rounded, successful project manager which includes getting a variety of delivery methods and project sizes under my belt. In 10, years I hope to have spent enough time on the project management, estimating and job pursuing side of this company to know which sector I can best contribute at a higher level with C/S.

What skills and/or tricks of the trade have you learned that have helped you grow in your career in Project Management?

To always be firm but fair with every negotiation/transaction/deal you are a part. Relationships are arguably the most important aspect to our industry and should last beyond the topic at hand.