5 Tips to Prepare for a New Construction Job
Before starting your next construction project, follow these 5 tips to ensure that you are ready for anything.
By Clare Christensen on Sep 1, 2015
Updated Oct 15, 2021

With September being National Preparedness Month, we decided to sit down with Project Manager Zach Smith to learn how to prepare for a new job. Before starting your next construction project, follow these 5 tips to ensure that you are ready for anything.

UNDERSTAND what is important for the owner. To deliver a project of the highest quality and utmost value to the owner, you must understand what they need. Collect input from the building users (staff, maintenance personnel, students, patients, customers, etc.) Better information equals better project planning.

CREATE a strong project team. The strength of a good team is greater than the sum of the parts. The team includes all components of the project including the owner, contractor, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Each unique set of skills and experiences provides additional value to the project. Great teams equal great projects.

ESTABLISH priorities and focus planning and budgeting based on these priorities. If you are building a water park, customers might not get too caught up with the fancy paint scheme in the locker rooms. If you are building a new hospital, patients might not concern themselves with fancy ceiling details. You have to prioritize the most important features. Good budgets and good plans come from a well-established list of priorities.

MITIGATE potential risks during pre-construction. Concerned with unforeseen conditions? Perform more in-depth site surveys and analysis. Possible budget issues? Identify cost alternatives and material substitutions. Difficult site location? Dedicate time and resources toward impeccable logistics planning.

INVOLVE all parties affected by the project. Get acquainted with building officials and administrative staff. Notify neighbors. Invite inspectors for pre-construction meetings. Involvement creates avenues and opportunities for open communication.

Zach Smith has been with Clark/Sullivan Construction for 9 years. He has his B.S. in Business Management from Northern Arizona University, LEED certification and is a member of the AGC. He has managed multiple healthcare and essential services projects and most recently the Dolan Lexus Auto Dealership in Reno, NV.